Young People + Technology =
Our Future

The equation is simple: Young people plus technology is our future. It seems natural, then, that young people who embrace technology are putting all of us in the best position for what happens next. Young people who can help create technology are the ones who’ll lead the way.

We’re Nurturing the Product Development Wizards of Tomorrow.

GetKids2Code, aims to grow the next generation of coders through STEM education and several different proven strategy

Coding Events

We host coding events and smaller tutorials to teach kids new skills.

Award Scholarships

We award scholarships for exceptional programming prowess.

Organize Competitions

We organize competitions to see who can come up with the best code.

Sponsor Networking

We sponsor networking and social events designed to get kids to come together.


Today, coding is foundational to great product development, and great product development is the key to success as a tech company. “Winning @ Product Development” outlines a battle-tested methodology for developing products efficiently and effectively. The method is dubbed R5 and the book, from GK2C founder Leo Rocco, is focused on sharing insights to creating a culture of winning.  We’re excited to spread the word!


GetKids2Code is the philanthropic arm of R5 Labs.  The initiative focuses on funding cash awards and prizes during regularly scheduled competitions. In order to make this happen, we need financial contributions from our supporters and friends.

We also accept donations of equipment, expertise, and time. Donate today and support the product development leaders of tomorrow!


Coding represents different things to different people.

In the literal sense, it’s the process of writing those basic instructions that run software. In the figurative or metaphoric sense, it represents serious strides in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Both are important. Both give way to serious innovation. Both move us deeper into the 21st Century.

There’s a reason we’re doing this. Students who have experience with computer programming are more likely to get a high-paying job straight out of college. On average, computer science majors earn 40 percent more than peers who have not studied computer science.

We exist to level the playing field and provide more young people with opportunities to pursue careers in coding and product development. It’s social justice, IT style. And it works.


We started GetKids2Code as the philanthropic arm of R5 Labs, a technology solutions provider in the San Francisco Bay Area. Leo Rocco serves as our executive director.